As a contemporary artist, I am currently exploring the expression of abandonment and loss, in abstract terms. As a physical reconstruction of the traces and fragments of memory and identity, and how it can exist spatially in retrospect.

Using contemporary and traditional processes, symbolic structure, materials and forms, I intend to edify the viewer to the intricacy of the work. I seek to negotiate the complexity of the human condition where abandonment, loss, memory and identity may be deliberated or acknowledged in the work.

By the term ‘traces and fragments of memory and identity’ I hope to communicate a suggestion of the past in the work, as a reminder of a historical or personal event. French philosopher Henri Bergson, defined memory ‘…as the intersection of mind and matter’. I would describe my work similarly as a memory object, offering a trace of a memory to intervene and form a connection for the viewer, providing a thread to follow in order to understand the context of the work.