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The war office evacuated the village of Tyneham in December 1943, for the duration of the war. The village was situated not far from a military range, and a mile from a beautiful sheltered cove on the Jurassic coast where D-Day landings could be practiced. The village had no electricity or running water, yet life there was idyllic and humble.

Winston Churchill assured the villagers they would return to their village after the war. However, after a change in government Clement Attlee reversed the promise and gave the land permanently to the military. The villagers were never allowed to return to their homes.

On visiting today, the village has an eerie unearthly silence surrounding it, a tangible presence pervades the environment, and the cottages although now derelict, are hauntingly beautiful. Time has stood still in Tyneham for the last 60 years, and although many of the buildings are past repair and unsafe, they reveal to us a rare picture of a village, untouched by the advancements of contemporary living, and stand testament to a once caring, tranquil and simple life.

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