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This work uses animal fibre to reference skin as a haptic more organic suggestion of the container. This skin substrate for me illustrates the fabric of the body, its remnants, residues, its thereness, its palpable presence, its insistence and traces of memory imbued within. It represents a trope for the traces of memory of the human form and consciousness. On examination of the fibre at the outset, the soft white substance is a noticeable map of veins and blood vessels, an uncanny and unsettling surface. This surface once dried, stretched, pulled and manipulated is reminiscent of the tight darkened leathery outer skin of an Egyptian mummy, timeworn, brittle, delicate, yet preserved from the erosion of time, forestalling decomposition. The final container of the once vibrant self. The fibre is both disturbing yet beautiful, uniting the frailty of life, with its inevitable end.