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kim logan-set decorator


Experienced Set Decorator expert in facilitating the storylines of contemporary and period TV productions through sourcing and selecting props that bring to life the vision of the Set Designer and Director. Following the scripts to create immersive viewer experiences. Key strengths include applying meticulous research to identify the perfect artefacts and details to ensure historical accuracy / adherence to the script and transport the viewer to another time and place; leveraging a vast network of contacts to enable to the timely sourcing of even the most hard to find objects to meet the specific requirements, timescales and budgets of the production; utilising superior budget and time management skills to aid the seamless flow of production, often under high pressure, tight deadlines and minimal budgets; working in deep collaboration with the set designers, directors and technical teams, building trust to meet even the most challenging briefs.

D.I.Ray 2    2023-2024


Unforgotten 5   2022-2023

Tom Jones    2021-2022


Alex Rider Series 2    2020-21

Unforgotten 4      2019-20

Endeavour Series 7   2019

Vera Series  9     2018-19

Vera Series 8    2018

Beowulf- Return to the Shieldlands     2015




Tel: 07986 687901

Abbots Langley Hertfordshire UK

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